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Tenant Representation Done Right

How can Willow Stone Realty save me time and money?

I've devised an approach that best utilizes your time: I preview every single space that may fit your budget in order to determine if the unit is truly worth your leaving the office to view it. If 50 spaces match your criteria, then it's my responsibility to view those 50 units prior to recommending any of them to you. While many brokers have a goal of pulling you out of the office to view as many units as possible, my goal is to keep you in your office, focusing on your job, while I visit every possible commercial space and then narrow the results down to the top 5 units in each area for you to view. I can then feel comfortable in calling you and saying, "hey, I need to schedule a time to pull you away from your job to view some potential commercial units." Often, when a Tenant uses my service they go from initially saying:
"I worked with another broker for weeks and he showed me tons of spaces that were horrible!"
To saying something else entirely:
"Erik, in this one space tour you showed me several options that work. Why couldn't those other brokers have been this helpful?"

I honestly have no clue as to why brokers don't do a better job of weeding out the client's best options. I make sure to view every potential office space prior to dragging you out of the office to view them. That alone, is good enough of a reason to use my service.

Want to know more about how my service can help represent you as a tenant? Call me anytime at (646) 478-8007 or send me an e-mail.