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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I sign a personal guaranty?

A discussion of a personal guaranty vs. a good guy clause. Detail of how dangerous a personal guaranty can be. Read More

How do I measure office space?

Office tenants recognize how difficult it is to obtain the true square footage of your unit. This clip shows you a tool that can make the process of measuring office space much easier. Read More

Rentable and useable square footage

Many tenants searching for office space are often confused when it comes to an understanding of the difference between rentable and useable square footage. Read More

Who pays a broker's fee for office space?

While many tenants often assume that they must pay a fee to the commercial real estate broker, that is often not the case. Read More

What is a good guy clause?

I come across this question fairly often- "What is a good guy clause?" To this day, it is explained to tenants in a way that is inaccurate. I'd like to give a simplified answer to this question... Read More

What is a demo clause?

A demo clause is otherwise known as a demolition clause. It basically states that if the office building is sold, the landlord has the right to serve the tenant with a notice that... Read More